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Springfield Pharmacy make every effort to simplify your health needs so you can improve and achieve better health outcomes. That is why we offer online service to better manage your medication or prescription needs. This service allows customers the accessibility of having fewer trips to the pharmacy.

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With quality pharmaceutical services and best customer care, your medication needs are well served at Springfield Pharmacy. Get in touch with us today!


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Springfield Pharmacy

On the health front, we’ve got you covered!

We, at Springfield Pharmacy, spare no effort in helping you to keep up with your health and well-being. In this fast pacing life, maintaining your health regime might be challenging. To sustain this process, we help you to take care of your wellness. The time and money of our patients is our prime concern and keeping that in mind, we save you from the hassles of long hours of waiting.

We provide assistance in keeping track of your prescriptions, monthly refills, vaccinations, medications, and more. Our highly systematic, professional, and dynamic medication and dispensing process ensure to deliver as promised as per your convenience.

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Why Choose us?

Reasons to put your trust in us


Personal Customer care

If you are looking for personalized service and a pharmacy that looks out for your needs, Springfield pharmacy is what you’re looking for. Better personal service compared to big chain stores. Pharmacists and Staff have more time and energy to treat customers as individuals rather than numbers. We take pride in building long-lasting, trusting relationships with our patients.


Better Prices (Affordability)

At Springfield Pharmacy, We guarantee to beat big chain store cash prices for any medication. We offer lower prices than big chain stores. If a medication is expensive, not covered, or not available, we often try to reach out to the prescriber the same day to find a cheaper alternative for the patient.


Free Same Day delivery

Rain, sleet, snow...vitamins, OTC's, 2 prescriptions or 20, No delivery charges, ever! Your medication arrives automatically on your front door step at no cost.


Adherence packaging

Our custom medication packaging organizes your prescriptions for you.Your medications come in individual packs organized by date and time.


We provide best customer service! But don’t take our words for it, let’s see what our customers are saying about us.


I can’t speak highly enough of my experience so far at Springfield Pharmacy! They make everything quick, smooth, and stress-free, unlike some experiences with big chain pharmacies- I highly recommend them for their service and for the friendliness and personable nature of the staff!


I struggled so much with my scripts at walgreens. Never ready same time, multiple trips each month, blah blah. Now, thanks to Springfield, I am on a schedule for refills, and it is wonderful! Their level of service is appreciated, and always being greeted with a smile makes it an even better experience


Such a great experience every time here! My husband convinced me to switch to a local pharmacy, when he heard how poorly the big chains treat their staff, and we have never looked back! They have set the bar for excellent customer service and always remember our names and those of our children. They treat everyone with kindness and discretion (they always use a lowered voice when discussing your prescription) and make you feel like you matter.


So glad we switched to Springfield. Missed having the personal touch of a pharmacy that knows you by name. Very attentive and prompt. Would highly recommend.

Dena Morris

I highly recommend Springfield Pharmacy! They have great prices, the service is always friendly and excellent! Himanshu and Shamya are both so easy to deal with. Thry will even deliver to you if you need them to. I always try to support local businesses and with them, it's super easy!

Steve Snarzyk

Switched all prescriptions from Walgreens. Saving money and prompt service! Give it a try, you’ll thank me later!

Macon Singletary

Springfield Pharmacy has always offered excellent service to our patients and to our family. They bend over backwards to accommodate clients and provide a personalized refreshing alternative to big chain pharmacies.

LJ Cooper

Dr. Patel has always taken my medication management seriously. He cares about the manufacturers, safety, and making sure I get my medications on time. I actually moved from this area of town to farther north Raleigh. He groups my medications for optimal pick ups when I’m in the area. He also provides medications at a cheaper price than I’ve had before and some of meds can be expensive. This is a pharmacy that cares; I’m not just a number.

Alessandra Rosillo

I want to thank Mr. Patel for working with me at the last minute. He was so quickly getting back with me. The best prices all around :) Thank you for your customer service. Springfield Pharmacy - best in town!